Finite Fiber Engineered Fibers
Finite Fiber precision cut engineered fiber additive polymer reinforcement
Fiber reinforcement additives used in aviation polymers
Natural and synthetic fibers used for reinforcement in extreme temperature polymers
Pulps and fiber additives used in energy industry polymers
Natural and sunthetic fiber reinforcement additives used in aerospace polymers
Fiber polymer additives used in pumps
Finite Fiber reinforcement additives used in extreme cold polymers
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Job Opportunity
Maintenance Manager

Our 21 year veteran maintenance manager is retiring at the end of the year. We are searching for a replacement with the same talent, energy and loyalty that has spoiled us for all of these years. This is a hands-on position that is critical to protecting our reputation for quality products with on-time delivery.

Like our current maintenance manager, our next one will work unsupervised and be responsible for parts purchasing and inventory. An understanding of Word, Excel, Maintenance PM and ISO procedures is necessary. Your knowledge of welding, plumbing, pneumatics, air compressors, three phase electrical circuits/controls, ladder logic and other equipment maintenance will keep our production humming. If you have familiarity with variable frequency drives and rotary & guillotine cutters, that is a plus.

For these high qualifications, you will work in a clean, well organized shop that is a single-shift day, five-day week. You will enjoy a full benefit package which includes 80% employer paid healthcare, eligibility for cash profit sharing and 12 paid holidays.

Send us an email with your resume!