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Finite Fiber is a leading source of natural and synthetic cut fibers, pulps and flocks for the rubber and plastics industries. Through precision cut fibers, we can design, manufacture, and assist in the process of improving a formula’s general or specific performance requirements.
Not satisfied to simply provide high quality, accurately cut fibers, we continually strive to advance fiber technology. We have expanded into fiber-loaded rubber to save time and money in your production process. Now we have introduced Varamix - an aramid based fiber blend that allows adjustment of elements to predictably meet customers' performance requirements while providing uniquely consistent dispersion characteristics.
Finite Fiber has been improving the performance of clients' polymer products with fiber loading since 1923. Aramids, cottons, PAN carbons, nylons and polyesters, treated and untreated, can be introduced to a wide array of simple and complex compounds to improve properties from strength to wear resistance to dimensional stability, even noise suppression - often with the added benefit of reducing costs.
Take a look! Give us a call! Now, more than ever, you should pursue the advantages you can gain from combining our expertise and experience with yours. Choose natural and synthetic cut fibers, pulps and flocks from Finite Fiber.

Finite Fiber is ISO 9001 certified

Don't just replace Dupont Kevlar® Engineered Elastomers - Make your product better with

Replace DuPont Kevlar Engineered Elastomers

Varamix is 100% fiber.
Functional accross all polymer classes.
No extraneous polymers or ingredients causing compatibility issues.

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