Varamoix Aramid Fibers
Varamix beats DuPont Kevlar, Twaron and Technora in critical category of performance for specific polymer compound properties

Target the specific polymer properties that will define peak performance in your product.


Varamix® is an aramid fiber blend which has a highly crystalline polymer chain.
Polymer products today are used in widely diverse industries and applications. Uses range from aerospace to sub-surface drilling and exploration, from temperature extremes to abusively rough applicatons to life saving systems that must function in emegency situations. Consequently, the polymer compounds used are as diverse as the operations that they perform.
There is no single polymer formula that meets all criteria. There is also no single definition for performance. Performance has to be determined by the properties that are most critical to your product functions.

The Solution

There is, however, a single solution - Varamix®. It is a single engineered fiber additive that makes your polymer products excel in whatever environment and operation it is applied.
We confidently state this because it is not a single product. Varamix® is a patented, customizable 100% fiber blend with an almost infinite number of variable combinations. Mixing and matching the components alters the compound characteristics with predictability and consistency. You define what performance means and our team of fiber experts will perform anything from a tweak to an overhaul that positively impacts your finished compound.

The most complete, most effective and easily dispersed aramid fiber product

Products Varamix® Aramid/Silica Blend Aramid
Aramid Fiber
Increase Modulus
of Compound
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Increase Tear Resistance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Increase Wear/
Abrasion Resistance
Yes Yes Yes Yes
High Temperature
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Easy to Disperse in
Polymer Compound
Yes Yes Yes No
Polymer Independence -
Functional Across All
Polymer Classes
Yes Yes   No
Customizable - Fine Tune
Physical Properties
No Extraneous Ingredients Yes     Yes
Chemical Compatibility Yes   Yes
Antistat Agent Yes      

Study Demonstrates the Flexibility and Versatility of Varamix®

This study demonstrates how Finite Fiber’s Varamix® aramid fiber blends can be customized to meet your specific polymer compound property requirements. Our ability to adjust the degree of fiber fibrillation during the proprietary blending process, enables our technical team to work with the compounder to develop a unique balance of cured compound performance properties.
Previously polymer compounders were limited to only altering the concentration of single fiber structure. With a customized Varamix® product properties can be optimized to a much greater degree.
Depending on what properties are most important, we have a balanced reinforcement solution for you. The following graphs are for an EPDM compound with a constant 12 phr loading of Varamix®. The x-axis represents the various fiber blends or the degree of fiber fibrillation. The “with grain” orientation was set on a mill at a 2 minute run time to simulate fiber orientation in the various polymer processing technologies.

Varamix Modulus test chart legend
Varamix Modulus Adjustment With the Grain chart
Varamix Modulus Adjustment Cross Grain chart
Varamix Hardness Adjustment chart
Varamix Mooney Adjustment chart
Varamix Ultimate Elongation Test Results chart
Varamix Compression Set Test chart
Varamix Tear Strength Test chart
Varamix Tensile Strength Test chart
Varamix fiber engineered additive for polymer compounds
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