Finite fiber is a leader in fiber reniforcing technology

Chemistry With A Conscience Since 1921

Environmentally friendly sustainable fibers from natural organic and captured process waste.

Repurpose - Recycle - Reuse

Leaders in the world’s manufacturing community are intensifying their support for the utilization of sustainable materials. Global automotive manufactures are encouraging both tire and component suppliers to develop products which utilize an increasing percentage of sustainable materials. To these companies we say, "What took you so long?" Finite Fiber has been securing and providing sustainable materials for almost 100 years!
"Repurposing" is the process by which a material created for one purpose is used as initially created for another purpose. "Recycle" is generally defined as a procedure which creates a viable base material from a spent product. "Reuse" simply applies to products that can be used over and over in the same state and properties as originally created.

Cotton is an organically sustainable product. We use cotton materials that have been spun and are the by-product of downstream manufacturing processes. Likewise, our milled aramids and carbon fibers are derived from other manufacturing processes. Upon arrival at Finite Fiber, these materials are further scrutinized, cut, collated and classified by length to assure the highest quality precision cut short fiber products.
Finite Fiber has diverted thousands of tons of fibers from potential solid waste in landfills, reducing the global carbon foot print. This has been accomplished in two ways – 1.) we have turned waste into high quality reinforcing materials which maximize performance in polymer products and – 2.) as has always been our case, we contribute greatly to the now growing list of environmentally friendly “sustainable products”.