Finite fiber is a leader in fiber reniforcing technology
PelleFiber is a patent pending, versatile, accurate, easy-dosing form for fibers and pulps in thermoplastic and rubber compopunds

Versatile, Accurate, Easy-Dosing for Rubber and Thermoplastics

We have innovated the use of engineered fibers with our full line of natural and synthetic fibers and pulps. These are then customized to maximize customers' product performance through chemistry. Now, PelleFiber completes the Finite Fiber impact by maximizing the production process.
PelleFiber is a patent pending, pelletized form for versatile, accurate, easy-dosing of fibers and pulps in processing rubber and thermoplastic compounds. These advanced pellets deliver a tremendous number of benefits over traditional fiber loading. Following is a brief summary of what you can realize by ordering your Finite Fiber engineered additives in this high-density form.
We will customize your bundles to include many combinations of fibers, pulps and additives such as bonding agents, dispersion aids and other value-added elements to positively impact product characteristics in a single pellet form. PelleFiber can consist of up to 95% fiber content, greater than masterbatches, to dramatically improves cost efficiency.
PelleFiber is a consistent pelletized product which improves dosing accuracy in a wide range of batching processes with all types of equipment. It eliminates work environment dust associated with traditional fiber/pulp handling that can lead to cross contamination.
The consistent pelletized form can be delivered either volumetrically or gravimetrically. Material handling is easier and faster with the 10 - 15 times bulk density created by our patent pending process.
Developmental Projects
Pellefiber has already been proven in many applications. We believe, however, that this breathrough product has huge untapped potential. To that end, we are actively seeking companies with curiosity and vision to embark on mutually beneficial developmental projects. Please go to the Contact page and either call or send an email to Michael Gmerek,Techincal Director.

Pelletized Benefits

combine multiple additives
lower freight costs
less warehouse floor space
up to 95% fiber content
10 to 15 times bulk density
eliminates work area dust
avoids cross contamination
more accurate weighment
eases material handling
gravimetric/volumetric feeding

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