PAN Carbon Engineered Fibers

Pan Carbon fibers provide strong characteristics for polymers
Pan Carbon fibers in 100 micron size have high density, tensile strength, modulus, tear strength and melting/decomp temperature for polymer reinforcement


Low sized, PAN, milled carbon fiber. These milled carbon fibers have low fibrillation, average
100 microns in size and are high modulus.


PAN Carbon fibers are characterized by their high dimensional stability, lightweight, chemical and biological resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, specific toughness, stiffness, strength and low relative density. They are most commonly used in combination with a matrix material to form an advanced composite.

Physical Properties

Carbon Content 93%
Composition PAN Polyacrylonitrile Precursor
Sizing Content
  Low Sizing

Fiber Length 100μ
Filament diameter 7 um, ± 0.2
Specific Gravity 1.8, ± 0.2
Ash Weight <1.5%
Color Black
Melting Point N/A
Standard Packaging 55lb. Plastic Bags In Boxes
PAN Carbon specification sheet
PAN Carbon Data Sheet.

PAN Carbon Fiber Safety Data Sheet
PAN Carbon SDS

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