Cotton Engineered Fibers

Treated cotton textile fiber performance characteristics


Spun and treated denim cotton textile fibers are produced from high quality warp thread materials. These spun materials offer the highest physical properties in the construction of textile fabrics and are physically superior to fill and warp thread blends in cotton reinforcement applications. Cotton is a natural cellulose polymer.


Cotton is characterized by its dimensional and thermal stability, resilience, inherent tensile strength, and toughness. Like many fiber types, uses are substantial in consumer, technical and industrial markets. Cotton also improves dimensional stability, cut and tear resistance, green strength, creep resistance and cut propagation when used in a elastomer matrix.

Physical Properties

Form Precision Cut
Composition Natural Cellulose Fiber
Standard Nominal Length 3 mm, 7 mm
Specific Gravity 1.54
Ash Weight <1.5%
Melting Point N/A
Water Absorption <8.5%
Color Blue/Black/Natural/Mixed

* Custom sizes available

Standard Packaging Options

Low-Melt Bags (71° C, 160° F) 6lbs. - 13lbs.
Bulk Box (40-3/8" x 34-3/8" x 30") 200lbs. - 250lbs.
Bulk Box (39-1/2" x 33-1/2" x 43-1/2") 500lbs.
Super Sack (38" x 38" x 46") 550lbs. - 600lbs.

Standard Cut Lengths

Cotton standard cut lengths from 3mm - 7mm
Cotton Fiber Specifications

Cotton Data Sheet.

Cotton Fiber Safety Data Sheet
Cotton SDS

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