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Aramid Fibers

Aramid fiber polymer additives are a milled pulp with high strength and high temperature characteristics similar to Kevlar, Twaron and Technora
Standard market available aramid fibers and pulps include elastomer pre-blends of  Kevlar®, Twaron® and Technora®. They offer high strength and heart resistance.


Aramid fiber has a highly crystalline polymer chain. Common tradenames include Twaron®, Technora® and Kevlar®. Finite Fiber aramid pulp is a dry processed engineered low fibrillation, short aramid fibril. Aramids have inherent high-heat and high-strength properties making it a practical choice in a variety of extreme application environments.


Aramid fiber is characterized by its outstanding weight to strength ratios, high cut and abrasion resistance,low elongation at break, high modulus, fracture toughness and modulus of elasticity. Aramid fibers also possess low flammability and no melt point. Aramid Pulps can be dispersed and utilized in a variety of polymers and composite type matrices. Aramid pulps can be processed with conventional mixing and molding equipment. The dispersion of these materials vary from product matrix to process equipment type.Pre-treated aramid fiber systems for a variety of polymer matrices are also available. These fibers offer enhanced dispersion and bonding characteristics, and improved physical properties over non-treated fiber loaded rubber formulations.

Aramid Pulp Properties

Form Pulp
Composition Para-aramid
Standard Nominal Length* 250µ, 1mm, 2mm
Specific Gravity 1.45
Ash Weight <2%
Melting Point N/A
Water Absorption <6%
Color Yellow
Standard Packaging 44lb. Plastic Bags In Boxes

* Custom sizes available.

Aramid pulp Fiber Specifications

Aramid Data Sheet.

Aramid Pulp Safety Data Sheet
Aramid SDS

General Engineered Cut Fiber Products Information
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